The fish were chewing today…came home with a huge cooler full of Mahi, snapper and Tile fish!

Good eating size Mahi Mahi bit this morning…great action!



Well folks, our family now has been in charter server for 52 years and we FINALLY did something we have never done before:

A Grand Slam off our home turf… off of the Boynton Inlet.

It just started out…with a LADY ANGLER we had been fishing for 15 years…EDYTHE PICCIONE, who had just passed away at the age of 91...Edythe was a great angler, whom always fished with her son-in-law Paul, on what she condidered her favorite Charter boat, our boat, the Geno IV….her dying wishes were to go fishing one last time, with her family, and Capt. Geno and I…and finally surrender her ashes to the sea….

Well, we did just that and MORE…a gorgeous sunny day memorial turned into a fishing event that probably has NOT occurred on our Coast in over 50 years.

This was not luck, this was not skill, although all of that is important — was this from a higher power? YOU SIMPLY DO NOT ACHIEVE A GRAND SLAM OFF BOYNTON BEACH IN LESS THAN A 3 HOUR PERIOD … without something beyond luck and skill!

People that have a bond with the sea…they know who they are with their passion…and I think it is underestimated. Try to compare it to say, golf or polo.

This just blows us away!!

20 min. into the afternoon troll…there he was…the first Billfish, a white Marlin about 60 lbs … after a 20 min fight … 15 minutes later, a quad – 4 Sailfish hooked up & we caught 3 out of the 4….meanwhile 10 minutes later 2 tuna on the long riggers … and finally … just after getting all my baits out…there was the BIG FAT BASTARD…(Boynton standards) BLUE MARLIN…APPROXIMATELY WEIGHING IN AT 200 LBS! All in about 2 hours? A Grand Slam off of Boynton?


Geno IV catches 350+ …estimated 11 foot long Blue Marlin!

What a SURPRIZE while fishing for Mahi!! Whoa! Geno IV catches 350 pound+ – estimated 11 foot long Blue Marlin.

Bimini Wahoo Charter … fished 2 half days, catching 7 the first morning and 5 the 2nd morning off South Bimini, Bahamas…box was full after 3 HOURS!!!…then the tide changed… Luckily, 84 year old Papa Stroshein kept us all in stitches!!!


Bahama Billfish Championship Update

Bahamas Billfish Championship
Geno IV had a great time at the 2011 Bahamas Billfish Championship.

We did very well!!!! We caught 4 out of 5 blue marlin in the 3 days of the Great Guana leg … winning a 1st place daily and 3rd Place overall… Check out the action packed video on the HOMEPAGE!!!

It was gut-wrenchingly exciting, as we were in 1st place, the 1st day, 1st place, the 2nd day, and 1st place the 3rd day until the last two hours of the tournament….UHG! ….some good blue marlin shots in our photo gallery.

Visit for more information on the 5 leg series of billfishing (maybe you would like to enter next year’s Championship?) Call Captain Geno for all the details!


Geno IV takes First Place Lady Angler

Two Georges Tournament, Boynton Beach.

Great day at sea, caught 2 wahoo and 2 sailfish with the Montour family. Fabulous trophy and great commaraderie aboard the Geno IV today! What a fabulous summer for these fisherman.

Geno IV wins Tournament